Even though hair is made of dead tissue, keeping them looking lively and healthy is important to the overall physical appearance of an individual. We all spend a lot of time, energy and other resources in achieving the perfect hair. What wouldn’t we do to avoid a single bad hair day! But is improving/ making or breaking our physical appearance is the sole reason we must take care of our hair. Well, the answer is no. Our hairs also perform the important task of regulating our body temperature and keeping our heads warm.

seven tips for healthier hair

To make it easier for all of you, here is a list of tips for healthier hair. The list consists of tried and tested formulas, one of which will surely give you complete relief from your hair troubles.

  • The first tip to healthier hair is about dealing with wet hairs. You hairs are most fragile and susceptible to braking when they are wet. This is because wet roots are more vulnerable. You hence shouldn’t be hard while shampooing and should also not get onto combing/ brushing wet hair.
  • The next tip relates to the protection of your hair in extreme climates. Excessive exposure to the sun, to dirt, heat, pollution and even rain water are all harmful for your hairs. This sort of unruly exposure can lead to build up of dirt in your scalp and cause drying out or even bacterial infections. It is hence advised that you cover your hair with a stole or a hat or even an umbrella in harsh weathers.
  • Conditioning regularly is also essential for leaving the frizz out and keeping the moisture in. While some experts say that you should never leave the shower without conditioning, some say that you should condition only sparingly. The best way to deal with this confusion is to condition the first time you shampoo and skip the next, then condition again the nest time; so forth.
  • Yes, conditioning is important but what is more important is, doing it the right way. The right way is to condition about 2 inches away from scalp. Conditioner helps capture the moisture in the hair and excessive conditioner on the scalp may lead to excessively oily scalp.
  • When you tie your hair in very tight ties, you may feel that it is neat and comfortable. But the truth is it is not good for the health of your hairs. Super tight ties can result in breakage. So to maintain healthier hair without any breakages, stay away from tight ties.
  • One of the most common ways that we all style our hairs is by the use of curling irons, and straightening irons etc. So while the use of such equipment styles your hair nicely, it also does some major harm. The heat strips the hair of essential moisture and leaves them frizzy/ dry. Also overusing of heat can also burn the hairs.
  • Grandmas all around the globe have been advising their grandsons and granddaughters about the importance of oiling the scalp regularly. Well they were right; oiling you hair with oils that are rich in omega-3 content keeps you hair in great health.