We all have to face a lot of hardships in today’s time and there are a lot of elements in our environment and style of living that affect out health and our beauty.  For example the pollution in the air poses risk to many human internal organs and also hampers the skin.

The amounts of junk food that we all have become accustomed to eat in our present lives also adversely affect our beauty and health. There are numerous such factors that may be damaging our health and beauty but we don’t even realise it until we see its adverse effects. These effects may be large or small from mere stress issues to major serious issues. Worried? Read on.

To counter such adverse effects and to help those who want to regain their lost beauty and restore health listed below are a few tips to be followed. But these tips or pointers will be helpful if you make your health a priority in your lives. So consider these points and progress towards lost beauty and health.

regain lost beauty and restore healthKeep Worries and Tension at Bay

Tensions, worries and all sorts or stressful situations affect our mind and body in many adverse ways. So the quest to restore health and beauty must start by dealing with the mental troubles. Keep aside a few hours in a day to pursue activities like meditation, reading, walking or any other hobby/ activity that keeps you calm and relaxed.

Eat Right

Consume a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure that your daily diet consumption has all the elements like carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins etc. Make sure that the fruits/ vegetables etc. supplies that you use in your food are fresh. Besides eating a healthy diet you must also eat at regular intervals through the day and enjoy what you eat.

Sleep and Water

Getting the right amount of sleep and drinking at least the right amount of water are the two most important things for one’s health and beauty. Take proper long sleeps in the night, if unable to sleep for enough hours in the night, try napping in the day. Also consume at least a standard amount of water in a day- it’s important for the whole body.

Exercise Regularly

Many studies worldwide has proved that exercising not only improves our physical health but is also found to produce feel good hormones/ chemicals in our body. That is the reason why one feels good post exercise routine. So set a benchmark for yourself and exercise regularly. To do so choose the mode most suitable to you like aerobics, dancing, weight training or yoga etc.

General Cleanliness, Hygiene and Beauty Measures

This includes a lot of heads- like keeping your surroundings clean and maintaining hygiene. Also take regular baths, wear washed clothes, wash hands regularly, and maintain dental hygiene. Whenever out in broad daylight/ under direct sun wear a sunscreen to protect your skin and shades to protect your eyes. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to get you through your day’s schedule.