Rhinoplasty is a procedure which is more commonly referred to as a nose job and involves improving the appearance of a person’s nose. This is a procedure that is opted by those who may not be happy with the natural shape and size of their nose and may want to get it changed to through a cosmetic or surgical procedure.

While it is true that rhinoplasty helps people to get their nose improved and hence create substantially dramatic results for their overall appearance but it does have some cons as well. The following is a list of the various pros and cons of rhinoplasty or a nose job which one must consider before opting for this procedure.

pros and cons of rhinoplasty

Pros of Rhinoplasty

Brings Balance and Harmony

This procedure can help bring a certain balance and harmony to one’s facial features and may thus improve visual appeal and appearance. By bring about a small change, the entire face may begin to look fresh, balanced and without any flaws.

Can Boost Self Image and Self Confidence

another benefit of rhinoplasty is that it can help to boost both self image and self confidence-even small changes in the shape and appearance of your nose done to your liking can boost one’s self image and may raise self confidence levels.

Can Help Alleviate Breathing Problems

Besides the visual or appearance related purposes, nose jobs are also often done to alleviate certain problems like breathing issues. If the nose is collapsed, turbinated or deviated, one may find difficulty in breathing and straightening out the nose in this case can be of a lot of help.

Cons of Rhinoplasty

A Single Surgery can Provide only Limited Improvements

One of the biggest negative associated with rhinoplasty is that one may sometimes have to get several surgeries to bring about many changes in the appearance of the nose. A single surgery can only achieve limited changes and in some cases, this degree of change may not be enough. The bone or cartilage can only be manipulated to a certain point and in case the manipulation exceeds this point, it may not be possible to return back to its inherent position.

Thicker Skin can Hide Nasal Flaws

Nose jobs are usually difficult to do in the case where the person has really thick skin. What happens in such a case is that the nasal flaws may be hidden under the thick skin and hence it may be difficult to achieve desired results.

May Sometimes Lead to more Changes than you Expected

Often, the results you expect may not be achieved after the procedure is complete. This may create a level of dissatisfaction and even disappointment. In some cases the level of changes may turn out to be more than expectations.

May have Side Effects

Another major negative point associated with rhinoplasty is that there may be some negative side effects related to it and they may include pain, bleeding, infections and others.

Thus before you decide to get your nose job done, consider its associated pros and cons.