In the present day scenario people thrive to maintain their good looks and for this purpose they become eager in using many personal care products like skin lotions, nail polishes, make-up and shampoo that consist of chemical ingredients. Such personal care products are deficit of safety data. Studies have proved that some of the chemicals found in the personal care products lead to male genital birth disorders, altered effects of pregnancy and reduction of sperm counts.

major risks from cosmetics and personal care products


The ‘Cancer Prevention Coalition’ and ‘Organic Consumers Association’ notify about the major risks caused by cosmetics and personal care products. Some of the deadly ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products remain concealed like the hormonal phthalates and synthetic scent promoters.

The major phthalates present in cosmetics and personal care products are dibutyl phthalate in nail colors, diethyl phthalate in colognes and creams and dimethyl phthalate in hair sprays. The human skin is an absorbent membrane that remains sensitive to venomous chemicals. Whatever consequences are likely to happen when you consume poisonous or bad nutrition has a similar effect when harmful cosmetics and personal care products are used.

Some of the Hazardous Chemicals used in Cosmetics and their Effects

Coal Tar

This chemical constitutes polycyclic hydrocarbons. Many make-up products and hair dyes consist of coal tar that contributes the reason for pigmented cosmetic dermatitis, folliculitis, photo toxicity and also lung, skin and liver cancers.

Diethanolamine (DEA)

The DEA is often used in shampoos and soaps. Studies undertaken prove that this chemical present in personal care products leads to liver neoplasms and renal tubule adenoma in rats and is also responsible for slow brain development.


This chemical present in hair products is responsible for allergic reactions, cancer, asthma and menstrual disorders in women.

Glycol Ethers

The presence of glycol ethers in cosmetics leads to perils for expecting mothers, low fertility in men, and irritation of skin, headaches and stress.


This chemical provides harmful effects during pregnancy and also causes nausea and headaches. It badly affects the growth in children and the nervous system. Most of the cosmetics carry lead as one of the ingredients that is risky for the human body.


Existence of mercury in creams has a severe damaging effect to kidneys, liver and brain. Persistent exposure to inorganic mercury harms the nervous system and intensifies the danger of neurotoxicity and nephrotic diseases.


This is included in some of the skin bleaching products and causes many skin diseases.


Human breast tumours occur when creams, hair care and shaving products with the presence of parabens are used in excess.


Extreme contact with phthalates develops reproduction and growth issues in humans. This chemical is usually found in soaps, shampoos, nail polish, perfumes and hair sprays.


It is obtained from sheep’s wool and is present in various eye care products, lotions and make-up products. The chemical causes skin rashes, irritation, vomiting and nausea.

Mineral Oil

It is obtained from petroleum products and is the main reason for allergies, skin irritation and arthritis as it is contained in many cosmetics.

Unlike the tobacco products, the cosmetic and personal care products do not carry labels with warnings of the dangerous ingredients. Most of the people have started to show interest in using organic cosmetics. You should be careful while choosing a cosmetic or personal care product keeping in minds its adverse effects for your sensitive skin.