Cosmetics are a lady’s best friend and when you realize the significance of going green in every aspect – you would definitely not leave alone your cosmetics. Whether you go out for a fun hangout with your best friend or to an important business meeting with your colleagues, you always feel the need to look the best – green cosmetics not only adhere to this promise of making you look beautiful but also does not harm the environment in the process.

The everyday commercial cosmetic products that you use contain a lot of harmful ingredients to it that causes severe harm to your delicate skin as well as environment. So the best thing you can do is to switch over to organic user friendly cosmetics that not only protects your skin but also makes you look beautiful.

green cosmetic productsBelow given is the list of green cosmetic products:

Vegan Lip Crayons

This spring season, you can buy the lip crayons as they are particularly vegan friendly (made from berries, shea butter and vegetable oil) and brutality free cosmetic item. These ones have significant shades that would go with any kind of complexion, furthermore, a minty aroma to make your pout additionally kissable.

Organic Moisturizer

These are just not moisturizers, but 100% vegan and full of skin-friendly veggies, they additionally arrive in a pack of vitamin enriched formulas, so that you can discover the ideal one for you. Some of the organic facial moisturizers are made up of seaweed, avocado and rosehip oil. These soothe your skin, nourish and balance the nutritional needs of your skin. For exceptionally dry or sensitive skin go for the natural moisturisers that are strictly without parabens and alcohol and stay free of harsh chemicals.

Non Toxic Eye Cosmetic

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and thus eye cosmetics should be essentially non-toxic and safe. The eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara that are formulated with soothing chamomile extracts and natural oxides are said to be completely natural and the safest. These cosmetics are also enriched with vitamin E, C and A. Easily blended, natural and longwearing cosmetics for eyes are undoubtedly the best choice.

Natural Matte Foundation

This kind of matte organic foundation is ruling the market of green cosmetics as it has chameleon pigments, and an innovative natural color match technology. When you apply this eco-friendly foundation on your skin, it initially goes white then adjusts to your skin tone and blends all the broken lines that appear while application. Moreover, this organic foundation also works on the visible signs of aging, gives the fine lines and wrinkles a smoothening touch. The argan oil in the foundation strengthens the facial tissues and balances the oil content of the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil Hand Cream

The commercial hand creams usually gives an oily feel in the beginning and leaves behind excessively dry hands after few hours. . The naturally made hand creams have hemp seed oil in its formula and vital unsaturated fats, so it really douses into your skin (rather than simply sitting on top), leaving your hands soft and delicate.