The loss of eyebrows or even thinning of eyebrow hairs is a condition that troubles many people. Thin and pale eyebrows directly alter the way you look. Just imagine how would you look like without any eyebrows at all? Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features and hence are very important. Eyebrow thinning is an actual medical condition, which may be left ignored by many people.

Understanding the causes and remedies of eyebrows thinning is very important, for it can strike anyone. This condition, also known as ‘superciliary madarosis’ does not include those individuals who are naturally born with thin or fewer eyebrows.

causes and remedies of eyebrows thinning

Causes of Eyebrows Thinning

The most common causes of eyebrows thinning are:

  • Excessive Use of Eyebrow Makeup: The excessive use of makeup products such as eyebrow color pencils, or eyebrow tints and dyes amongst the other products available is becoming one of the most common causes of eyebrow loss.
  • Excessive Eyebrow Plucking: The excessive plucking of eyebrows comes as a close second to the use of makeup on your brow. People are plucking their eyebrows right, left and centre in the hopes of achieving the perfect look, but over time this leaves them with the damaged looks of thinning eyebrows.
  • An Imbalanced Diet: Almost all of our health issues like hair loss, weight issues are all related to our diets. The same goes for eyebrow thinning. A poor diet implies that you do not have the right supply of all nutrients and vitamins which are essential for supporting your hair health and growth.
  • Hypothyroidism: One of the side effects (or sometimes a symptom) of hypothyroidism is the loss of the lateral part of one’s eyebrows. People who have this condition loose hair in general on their scalp and on their eyebrows.
  • Alopecia Areata: This refers to an autoimmune condition wherein the body sees hair follicles as an infection/ germs and the body attacks them; causing eyebrow thinning and general hair loss.
  • Atopic Dermatitis: This is a skin disease, more commonly known as eczema. The condition can develop anywhere on the body; this includes the skin beneath the eyebrows. If present, eczema leads to inflammation, thinning of hair, patchy- itchy and red areas.
  • Aging, trauma, fungal infections, afflictions through pets, excessive drug use, Hansen’s disease, and chemotherapy etc. are also included amongst the causes of eyebrow thinning; though aging is a natural process all humans go through.

Remedies for Eyebrows Thinning

Most often, the underlying cause of eyebrow thinning will determine the course of remedies/ treatments to counter it. Here is a list of remedies which may be adopted:

  • If the cause is atopic dermatitis you must consult a dermatologist. They will guide you to use milder and safer products (soaps etc.) to avoid further damage and may even give you ointment to counter the loss.
  • Injecting corticosteroids in a case of alopecia areata stimulates hair growth and counter eyebrows thinning.
  • For most other kind of eyebrows thinning which are permanent in nature, you can opt for surgical or cosmetic enhancements. Consult a cosmetologist to get fixed up.