Healthy and glowing skin is a dream for most of us and is something which we are trying to achieve all year round. Besides the over the counter products and cosmetics that we incorporate in your skin care regime, there is a much simpler, more affordable and definitely more effective approach and this is the Ayurveda way. Ayurvedic products, tips and idea for glowing skin have worked for many and that too without any side effects. You too can follow the given top 10 Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin.

10 ayurvedic tips for glowing skin

1. Know your Skin Type

According to Ayurveda, there are three main skin types-vata skin, patta skin and kapha skin. It is important for you to first know your skin type so that you can follow the skin care regime according to it.

2. Eat the Right Food

Ayurvedic methods for skin care rely heavily on the food that you eat and the diet that you follow. It is important to eat a lot of fresh foods rather than processed ones for a glowing skin. This helps in production of new and healthy skin cells and washing away of the dead ones.

3. Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

It is important to keep yourself and your skin cells well hydrated throughout the day. For this, you can either massage your skin with herbal oil every day or drink a lot of water to keep the skin well nourished. You can also make herbal facial masks for the same effect.

4. Opt for Gentle and Natural Cleansing

Another superb way to ensure that you skin remains glowing at all times is to go for natural face cleansing methods such as using vegetable glycerin or gentle homemade exfoliants. Use herbal and non-toxin ingredients for keeping the entire body clean.

5. Get Enough Rest and Sleep

It is also important to get enough rest and sleep for glowing skin. The beauty sleep should be an important part of your everyday regime as it gives you younger looking radiant skin.

6. Boost Inner Body through Supplements

The healthier your internal organs will be, the more will be the glow on your skin according to Ayurveda and to boost the inner body, you must try having natural supplement such instead of over the counter products.

7. Exercise

Breathing and other physical exercises are extremely important as they have a strong impact on the skin. Exercises boost blood circulation which in turn lends a glow to the skin.

8. Meditation

Try meditation to bring the calmness in the soul and to thereby bring the glow on the skin. Meditation helps us avoid the stress of the world which in turn comes out as certain clarity on the face as well.

9. Get Relaxing Massages

Be it is the face or the body, getting natural relaxing massages is important for beautiful skin.

10. Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

Avoiding smoking and alcohol can eliminate the free harmful free radicals from the face and thus clear the skin.