With time, skin is subjected to wear and tear, moreover aging is the primary reason for sagging of skin. As time passes firmness in skin is lost and it subjects the skin to sag, develop fine lines and wrinkles. There are various types of treatment available that you can use to tighten your skin and look beautiful and charming; although the age cannot be defied yet you can look younger than your actual age.

Skin tightening treatments can be broadly categorized to surgical and non-surgical options. Depending upon your needs, time and budget you can choose the treatment you want to take. Listed here is some of the safe skin tightening treatments that you can opt for-

safe skin tightening treatments

Home Remedies for Skin Tightening

Egg White and Lemon

Both of these has astringent properties and is very good to lift up skin that is sagging. You can beat egg whites and apply directly, or you can also add 1tbsp of yoghurt onto whisked egg white and apply the mixture. In both cases keep the applied paste for about 20 minutes and then using water wash it off. Similarly with lemon you can squeeze out some fresh lemon juice and apply directly. Leave it for 10 minutes before completely rinsing it off. Lemon juice mixed with water can also be used to wash face.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be a good moisturizer and it has Malic acid. Malic acid helps in improving the elasticity of your skin making it supple. Aloe Vera gel can be applied multiple times directly on the face for 15 minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water. You can also add 1tsp mayonnaise and 1 tsp honey to aloe vera gel and then apply the paste. This paste needs to be left for 15 minutes and then washed with lukewarm water. Remember to wash again with cold water afterwards.

Oil Massage and Honey

Massage enhances blood circulation and there are different types of oil which has various medicinal properties. Olive oil has vitamin A and E and is very good for skin. Combination of olive oil and honey can do wonders to skin. Other different oils like almond, grape seed, jojoba or coconut can be used to massage hands and legs.

Non-Surgical Options

  • Radiofrequency – This simulates the production of collagen on the treatment area. Radio frequency can penetrate inside the tissue and heats up the specified area.
  • Intense pulsed light – Also known as the laser treatment is done using infrared rays. The rays are well administered along with cooling hand piece so that the heating does not have any negative effect.
  • Ultrasound – In this process without any disturbance to the skin surface “small thermal bursts” are emitted. This stimulates structural support layers of the skin thus reducing the sag.

Surgical Options

  • You can visit a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon to check out the options. These treatments are usually expensive but they have a lasting effect. There are precautions that you need to follow if you are going in for a skin bleaching surgery. Ensure to remove all your makeup before the treatment and follow the recommendations given by doctor for a lasting effect.

There are plenty of options to look beautiful and you can choose the best that suits your needs.