In the midst of the many anti-aging creams and artificial chemical-rich products, there lies a whole world of naturally occurring products that can bring the youthful glow back on your skin and leave it happy and shining. It is true that many over the counter anti-aging creams and lotions work well but replacing them with naturally occurring and side-effect-free herbs is a good idea. There are several effective herbs which reduce the fine lines and other symptoms of aging skin if taken regularly. Checkout the following list of the top 10 anti-aging herbs for a youthful you:

1. Italian Spice

italian spiceIf you wish to protect your skin cells from damaging, then Italian spice is a lovely herb to try. You can add this herb to your meals and recipes and provide yourself with some vital protection from the common signs of skin aging. This herb is loaded with antioxidants and can protect the cells for the free radicals that are very harmful.

2. Thyme

Thyme is a common herb used in Italian dishes and is one which can heal your skin and body from bacterial infections. Thyme can heal mouth inflammation, throat infections and even staph infections.

3. Sage

sageAnother anti-aging herb which has worked for a large number of people is sage. Sage is basically an herb which is great for fighting inflammation but it also has many other benefits. Inflammation on the cellular level is a main reason why the body tends to age faster and this is where this herb can protect us against arthritis and asthma related inflammations.

4. Marjoram

Marjoram is an herb which helps us to have a healthy digestive system and thereby a good night’s sleep. Incorporating this herb in your diet has proved good for the digestive system and this thus helps to fight against one sign of aging which is a bad colon.

5. Oregano

oreganoWith age, our immunity tends to get low and we become susceptible for infections and diseases. One herb that can prove amazing in such a scenario is oregano which is a natural immunity booster and this is because of its strong antioxidant properties. It has an active agent called rosmarinic acid which clears out the free radicals which lead aging and are causes of many diseases as well.

6. Apple Pie Spice

The main ingredient of apple pie spice is ginger which has many anti-inflammatoryproperties that can keep the arteries clear and the heart young. Ginger also gives us protection against fungi and harmful bacteria which too lead us to diseases and infections as we age. It also boosts the immunity system and thereby acts as a great anti-aging element.

7. Jamaican Allspice

jamaican allspiceThis is another superb herb which is a great anti-aging agent and is particular good for the gut. This herb can be good for digestion and also keeps the gas off. Moreover, this herb also helps to keep the blood sugar under control.