Ageing is a normal phenomenon of life that affects individuals in various ways. A lot of people consider age as just a number. They do not get too buoyed by age and continue with their life with some health changes like diet and exercise. According to scientific researches, anti ageing diets really work and it can keep you fit and healthy and even delay the ageing symptoms. Though our ageing process really depend on the kind of life we have lived, but the ageing can be slowed down with the help of a few lifestyle changes.

Exercise is good for the body and soul

5 Lifestyle Choices to make for Anti Ageing

Here are 5 of the most common lifestyle choices that you can make, which are helpful for the process of anti ageing.

  • Keeping physically active is one of the most important parts of staying healthy. And if you wish to slow down the process of ageing, you must exercise. Through exercise you can build bone mass and that can prevent you from breaking the bones easily. Moreover, exercise increases your heart rate and makes sure there is enough oxygen supplied through it. Also, it helps the blood flow to your brain, which can then work better. Therefore, exercise is an important part of anti ageing.
  • Along with exercise, you must get yourself ample rest. According to researches lack of sleep can lead to cognitive problems. Moreover, when you are deprived of sleep, it is reflected on the skin which ages rapidly. However, the amount of sleep is related to the age, in general an adult needing 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  • If you want to slow down the process of ageing, you must eat right. After exercise and sleep, this is one of the most important needs for people who do not want to become too old too rapidly. Choose right food and drink to stall death. For example, it is generally believed that consuming green tea can reduce the death risk by up to 26%. You can eat nuts regularly, which is also good for a longer life. Further, researches show that Omega 3 fatty acid can lower the signs of ageing in your body. Therefore eating healthy is important not only for anti ageing, it is also vital for reducing risks of several chronic diseases.
  • Having a positive outlook to life in general is also important if you do not want to age too quickly. It is argued that people who have a positive outlook, generally lived 7.5 years more than their pessimist counterparts. This means that you should, love and laugh more, and generally enjoy life, and not frown upon every small detail. You should enjoy the process of growing old.
  • Sex is a vital part of life. More sex can lead to a slower rate of ageing. According to studies, regular sex can make you feel 7 years younger than your actual age. It boosts your immune system, and lowers the risk of heart failure in a man.

These are the 5 most important life choices that you must make, when you are looking to thwart the process of ageing.