There is no such thing as miracle weigh loss solution. It really depends on the body type , stamina and health of each individual and in in the case of women things are a bit more complicated. It is a fact that women tend to accumulate more weight than men during winter time. This is why here are 6  tips which were recently demonstrated to have effect on jumpstarting the weight loss during winter.

6 Tips to Jumpstart the Weight Loss This Winter

The Hearty Breakfast

Many people see breakfast as something eaten in a hurry and mandatory to consume in case of a diet. The amount of food consumed is not relevant and you don’t have to clean the plate, but rather intake relevant calories. Replace the regular cereal with oatmeal and add fruit bits to help your stomach process better the fibers. Boil the egg instead of frying it and skip the bacon. This lighter approach will make the dieting seem less oppressive.

Don’t Starve

A lot of women associate dieting with starvation. In case you don’t eat the body will hang on to its accumulated weight. This is even more obvious during winter when your body tries its best to protect you from cold and air born viruses.

Eat smaller but balanced meals. Increase the amount of veggies and lower the amount of carbs. Be careful to take the meals at similar hours. This will prevent the need for snacking in between.

No Guilt

Nutritionists know that if you eat a piece of chocolate or a cookie it doesn’t mean the diet is over. See it as your chance to take a breath and stop a constant craving. Your body responds to the thinks you enjoy, no disaster will occur and this “mind over body” way of thinking will support your weight loss.

No Scale

Measure your achievements by the way you fit into your clothes. Numbers go up and down and the plateau phase is very discouraging for any diet.

Change Your Work Out

Winter makes it harder for us to work-out so you should change the routine in order to lose weight. Have shorter intervals of training but increase the intensity. Do jumping jacks or crunches during the TV commercials or simply dance around the house to your favorite playlist.

Eat Sooner

Late night dinners and snacks are bringing the highest amount of calories. Eat sooner and make a rule not to over indulge. The last meal of the night should be at least three hours before you go to bed.