While stress is a universal and individual factor, certain factors pertaining to the way you handle responsibility, affect women physically and emotionally across the board.

The stresses of taking care of a family and holding down a career are likely to influence your health as well.

It is therefore important to be aware of how stress can strike at any time in your life.

As stress causes great physical and emotional problems, it is very important for you to understand its adverse effects and find ways to stay away from it as much as possible.stress

How stress affects your health?

When you become a victim of severe stress, you can experience a variety of health concerns ranging from back ache, digestive distress, shoulder and neck pain, to migraine and insomnia.

Apart from these, stress can also have a very bad impact on your reproductive health and lead to abnormal bleeding during menstruation, absence of menstruation, fertility problems and pregnancy concerns.

Too much stress can result in a range of serious health conditions such as high blood pressure (high blood pressure diet) strokes, heart problems and also stomach upsets. As a result, you are at increased risk to experience other complications associated with these serious health complications.

Stress can also cause feelings of anger, anxiety, distrust, which in turn influence badly on your relationships at home and also at work.

How can you avoid adverse effects of stress?

If you want to cope with stress, you have to look at things that are not only practically effective but also healthy for you. Here are a few stress management techniques to help you to avoid or conquer stress:

  1. Exercise: This is the most primary thing that you have to consider to keep stress at bay. Regular exercising can help you both physically and emotionally, and will keep you refreshed and re-energized every morning if you exercise every morning. Try to include an effective fitness routine in your regular day schedule, particularly in the morning.
  2. Healthy food: In the same way that you provide healthy and well-balanced food for your family, you should also ensure that your diet is nutritious to stay fit and healthy. As a woman, you need extra and more specific vitamins compared with those who don’t have the same stresses.
  3. Bad habits: When you experience too much stress in your life, bad habits such as smoking and consuming excess alcohol in your life are a real threat. Be very aware though, that these bad habits, rather than offering relief from stress (manage stress) make your health more complicated. Try to stop your bad habits as soon as possible.

Along with implementing these precautionary measures in your routine lifestyle, explore other ways to avoid stress in your life.