We thought that because most women are subject to the pain of childbirth they feel less pain than men, but in fact women feel pain even more than do men.

Fortunately, women however are also able to cope with the pain better and their coping mechanisms are better. So do not presume that just because you could tolerate the pain of childbirth you feel less pain; it just means that we are better at coping with the pain!

A Canadian study has demonstrated that women are actually more sensitive to pain than men.

woman in painAccording to Professor Jeffrey Mogil who has researched his subject, there were different circuits for processing pain in the male and female brains respectively.

Because of this new understanding of how pain works, the way in which analgesics impact pain relief among the different sexes is another topic that comes under consideration.

It is likely that in the future we may see gender specific pain relief drugs; pink and blue painkillers so to speak.

There is no precedent so far in medical science, that drugs could be formulated to be gender specific; however Professor Mogil does think that this could be likelihood sometime in the future.

Source: Top News