Is vitamin C protecting us from the common cold? Is chicken soup efficient when you have a cold? These are questions everybody asks because the cold is the most common respiratory infection.

You may have noticed that some women catch a cold easier than others while some of them barely get a running nose all through winter.

Women and Common Cold The average woman has around 200 colds during her lifetime and they usually last around 9 days, the genes being responsible for the predisposition towards the cold.

You should know that the mystery of the common cold remedies holds valuable helping hands but also simple myths which do not make a difference.

That is why you should know the truth about the matter.

It is said that a weak immune system makes us vulnerable in front of the cold. This is not exactly true.

A cold manifesting strongly is not the sign of a strong infection but rather the reaction of the immune system fighting to eliminate it.

Vitamin C protects you from the cold. This is a highly studied matter and after a lot of clinical studies the conclusion was that the cold risk is diminished with 50% in people with a very active life.

For the rest of us, Vitamin C does no have a spectacular effect in preventing the cold.

The cold is not transmitted through a kiss. The rhinoviruses causing the common cold are usually transmitted through sneezing or by touching a contaminated surface.

There are far little odds to catch a cold kissing a sick person compared to working at the same computer the sick person used.

The chicken soup is a very good cold remedy. This ancient treatment has been around for centuries and surprisingly it actually works. The Nebraska University scientists have studied the matter and concluded that the chicken soup does wonders for the common cold.


  1. I have used Garlic as a cold fighter and worked out well for me. When you get symptoms of cold immediately take a clove of garlic and cut into 3 to 4 small pieces and pound it slightly so it is easier to digest. Swallow the garlic and drink some water. This should prevent a Cold.

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