It is a rare neurological disorder called Kleine-Levin Syndrome or KLS that is also referred to as the Sleeping Beauty Syndrome – it causes the sufferer to fall asleep for a month at one time, rising only to eat and use the toilet.

6 month pregnant Nathalie Hoyland suffers from Sleeping Beauty syndrome and is apprehensive of missing most of the precious moments of her pregnancy.

kleine levin syndromeShe has had the condition since 17 and has missed days at work, birthdays and other occasions, and is now afraid that she will literally sleep through her pregnancy.

Hypersomia is the chief feature of this condition, but KLS can result in certain kinds of excessive or addictive behavior such as binge eating, sex addiction (hyper sexuality) and so on; and may result in the person being unable to function at all.

Even when awake, the person may appear spaced out, lethargic, uncommunicative and apathetic.

There is also hypersensitivity to noise and light; and many women display depressive symptoms as a result of KLS.

The cause for this condition is not understood, and nor does a cure exist to treat it. Management of the condition by means of education and family support are the only options available currently.