Folliculitis occurs when there is an inflammation of one or more hair follicles on any part of the skin; which includes the scalp.

  • Folliculitis happens when bacteria enters a follicle after any kind of injury or trauma. Usually the staph bacteria are known to cause this infection of the follicle.
  • Folliculitis can occur even due to repeated rubbing of clothing against the skin.Folliculitis
  • Folliculitis could also be caused by an insect bite.
  • A blockage of the follicle could also cause it. This can also be caused due to the hair curling back into the skin and causing blockage
  • Shaving can be another cause and could result in what is known as Barber’s rash.
  • Similarly shaving or using other methods of hair removal in the underarm area could also cause this.
  • Folliculitis can also occur in the area of the scalp due to inflammation caused by braiding that is done too tight or which causes friction. Sometimes this may cause several hairs to come up from a single follicle and thereby may cause scarring and even hair loss.
  • Sometimes make up can cause Folliculitis due to its content of certain oils. For this reason Folliculitis is also seen in refinery workers, sheep shearers, mechanics or road workers.