It is well established that men benefit from taking aspirin daily as it cuts their heart attack risk.

However, now we know from reports that it is very useful for women as well:

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends taking an aspirin a day:

  • To prevent a stroke for the first time
  • To prevent a first heart attack if a woman is over age 65
  • To prevent heart attack in women of all ages who have had a previous heart attack
  • Women of all ages can benefit and reduce their heart disease risk by taking a daily aspirinaspirin

Apart from this, aspirin has also been seen to help breast cancer patients. According to researchers, those women who have survived breast cancer were less likely to have their cancer return with the help of aspirin. In a study conducted on 4000 nurses, it was found that those that took aspirin lowered their risk of dying from breast cancer and also lowered their risk of the cancer spreading by as much as 50%.

Women, who have blood clotting issues, however are not advised to take an aspirin every day. In any case regular aspirin use should be cleared with your doctor first.


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