It is quite rare to see the vitamin C deficiency symptoms but that doesn’t mean that the condition isn’t serious.

The majority of people get enough of this vitamin but those who don’t can show serious symptoms and in some cases the condition can even lead to death. This is why it is important to treat the condition as soon as possible.


Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency

The most common symptoms of the deficiency include weakness, lassitude, nosebleeds and swollen gums. It is also possible for the affected people to experience anemia, depression, fatigue, tooth problem and joint pain. Although these are the most common symptoms, it is possible to see some others as well.

Susceptibility to the warning signs of vitamin C deficiency

It is a known fact that some of the people are more likely to see the vitamin C deficiency signs. The people who don’t have the right nutrition have high chances of being affected.

The same thing is true for the people who need more of the vitamin, like pregnant women or nursing women. Sometimes the infants who only have breast milk can be affected by this deficiency.

It is good to know about the vitamin C deficiency symptoms that they are more likely to occur in case of those people who have a smoking habit or that are affected by cancer.

These people need a higher intake of vitamin C that they can get from their diet or different kinds of supplements.

Treatment by mouth

It is easy to treat the vitamin C deficiency by taking supplements containing the vitamin or by eating foods that are rich in it.

Also you have the possibility to drink the juices that are high in vitamin C. The infants who can’t take supplements should drink juices to make their deficiency better.

If an adult sees the vitamin C deficiency symptoms all he or she has to do is to have more fresh vegetables and fruits. The ones that you should think about are the citrus fruits. Also think about pepper which is one of the foods that are the richest in this vitamin.

Treatment by injection

Usually the vitamin C deficiency warning signs can be treated by mouth and there is no need for injections. However the injections could turn out to be more than useful if you have a severe deficiency. In order to know what kind of treatment is the most suitable for you, your doctor will perform a blood test to measure your vitamin C levels.


You can see the results of the treatment if you have vitamin C deficiency symptoms in only 24-48 hours after starting the treatment. The good news is that you should get rid of the deficiency completely in just 7 days. However you should be under the supervision of a doctor during the entire treatment.

As you can see, although the vitamin C deficiency symptoms could be quite severe, it isn’t difficult at all to get rid of them.