UTI infections, though not a serious condition, can nevertheless make you quite unwell and be very inconvenient. They can lay you low for several days with pain and high fever, as well as other symptoms.

There are cases where UTI infections should not be ignored – if the symptoms persist for several days, there is the apprehension that the kidneys could get affected and so medical intervention may be required.

uti infectionsHowever in a number of cases, it is possible to treat UTI infections using natural or home remedies. Also it is important to try and avoid getting UTIs by following these simple steps –

  • Drink plenty of water so that your urine doesn’t get too concentrated and the bladder and kidneys are kept working optimally.
  • Don’t hold urine in, this can stretch and weaken bladder muscles, causing the bladder to empty insufficiently and result in an infection.
  • Wipe from front to back so that there is less chance of having fecal bacteria travel up to the urethra.
  • Ask your partner to wash prior to intercourse – many women find that this keeps UTI infections at bay. Also many women who are prone to UTI infections from having sex find that urinating before and after having sexual intercourse can help as a preventive measure.

Home remedies for UTI infections that are seen to work really well are –

  • Baking soda is seen to greatly ease UTI infections. Take a spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water since this can help lower the acidity in the urine and help recovery.
  • Certain fruit and fruit juices seem to have bacteria inhibiting properties that help to cure UTI infections. Both blueberries and cranberries, which belong to the same family, have this healing property and can help prevent UTIs as well as hasten the getting rid of UTI infections. Eat them or drink them, blueberries have several other healthful properties as well.
  • Cranberry tablets, and cranberry juice are also known antidotes to urinary tract infections. Several studies have been able to prove that cranberry juice is very good for preventing UTI infections since it can prevent the infection causing bacteria to take root in the bladder.Having 4 or more ounces of cranberry juice a day is thought to prevent UTI infection. it can be bitter to the taste, if so, substitute the juice with a cranberry juice cocktail.
  • Another fruit that can have a beneficial impact on UTIs, is pineapple because of the enzyme bromelain that it contains. So pineapple may just be the delicious way of getting rid of an infection of the urinary tract.
  • Drinking plenty of water is not just a preventive measure; it also helps in getting rid of UTI infections.
  • Vitamin C is also seen to help; particularly those with recurrent UTI infections. The citric acid helps neutralize the bacteria that cause the infection.

While these home remedies for UTI infections are effective, they are not a substitute for antibiotics, which are often needed to cure the problem.