Do you suffer from frequent abdominal pain? Being a woman, it is quite common to feel discomfort in the lower abdomen from time to time during menstruation (menstrual cramps).

However, persistent or frequent abdominal pain can imply other health problems such as kidney problems, bowel problems involving reproductive organs like fallopian tubes and ovaries.

If you want to ensure your abdominal pain gets the correct treatment, identify the main cause behind the pain first.

Abdominal pain arising from urinary system

If you suffer from pain in your urinary system, it can indicate bladder problems such as cystitis, kidney stones or inflammation of one or both kidneys.

If you have urinary infections, you may experience burning sensation while passing urine, in addition to abdominal pain.

Pain in lower right abdomen

Besides inflammation of the bowel, pain in the lower right abdomen can also be caused by an ectopic pregnancy or hernia.

Bloating or swelling of the lower abdomen also represents various abnormal intestinal conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome which causes severe abdominal pain.

Pain in navel area

If you are experiencing pain near the bellybutton, it can indicate inflammation to the appendix (appendicitis) or a small intestine disorder.

However, despite the area or location of the pain, recurrent or persistent abdominal pain can lead to serious health problems.

Consult your regular healthcare provider to get the right treatment at the right time.