— Stay hale and hearty with these popular diet plans 

Have you heard about all the people following some kind of diet? It looks like it is already a trend to do so, and even this trend has some trends this year that you might be interested in. Here are some of the top diets of the year:

1. Jenny Craig Diet

Top Diets - Jenny Craig Diet

The main point of this diet program is to have a personal consultant that you can communicate with via phone or talk to personally at a center. The job of this consultant is to create the diet plan that would work the best for you and who also makes sure that you are following the suggested diet on a weekly basis.

The cost of having the diet is about $600 per month, and it consists of having 3 meals a day and also a snack. You can also add to it the fresh vegetables and fruits that you like.

2. 17 Days Diet

17 Days Diets

The craze about this diet plan appeared in November 2010, when the book was released. The book has been written by a specialist, and it targeted those people who wanted to start losing weight. The suggestions have been given in the form of meal plans and some ideas of exercises that lasted for 17 minutes every day. There is also some information on how to keep going with the diet. The eating happens in a kind of cycle so that your body doesn’t get bored of getting the same things and it won’t stagnate. You won’t get bored of the diet either.

3. Weight Watchers Points Plus

Top Diets - Weight Watchers

Although the diet plan has been around for a longer period of time, in 2010 it introduced a major change. The latest findings regarding nutrition have been introduced to the plan, along with the experience that the plan got in the last 50 years. All these help the users to make better choices for a healthy life and they also make sure that the users will be satisfied by the results that they achieve.

The new calculation that is offered gives information regarding protein, fat, fiber and carbohydrates. In the past the clients only got information about fiber, calories and fat.

4. Slim-Fast Plan Diet

Slim Fast Diet Plan

The main point of this diet is to offer you low-calorie meals that would take the place of your regular meals. According to this plan, you should be having shakes, meal bars, snack bars, smoothies, powders that have to be mixed with skimmed milk and cookies.

Those who are following this diet must have 6 meals every day consisting of 3 snacks, a ‘sensible meal’ and 2 other products of the company. Although in theory everything seems to be just perfect, you might be asking yourself about how healthy this diet is since there is no actual food or vitamins in it.

5. Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers Diet

This isn’t one of those new findings. In fact, the diet plan has been around since the 1960s and the main point of the plan is that it has a scoring system that gives points to the different kinds of foods. The users can prepare their meals based on the points to know what to eat and in what measure. Also there are support groups for the people that would like to lose weight in this manner that you can use in the virtual world or personally. Also the professionals in this system offer you information regarding the portion sizes.

6. The Mommy Diet

Top Diets - Mommy Diet

For sure you have heard about Alison Sweeney. Not so long ago she wrote a book that is of interest to all women at some point. In her book, she tells women about how to become and stay fit before, during and after being pregnant. Although there is only real information provided in some cases, they are presented in a funny way.

You will find information regarding fitness, food, fashion and sex also for those women who don’t have a lot of time, but that would like to feel good while they are raising their healthy and happy children.

7. Sexy forever

Top Diets

Suzanne Somers has been really well-known during the 1970s for being an actress in a popular sitcom. Now she is known for another reason: keeping people who aren’t exactly young anymore fit. In a little while she will present her first online program that focuses on weight loss and fitness that got the name of ‘Sexy Forever’.

This program will come with weight tracking, food journals, meals plans, guidance regarding fitness and a lot more useful information. The program is based on her latest book, ‘Slim and Sexy Forever’. This might be a helpful reading if you would like to have a nicer physical appearance.

8. 400 calorie fix

400 Calorie Diet Plan

At the moment, this is one of the top diets that you can find on the market, and the book comes directly from the publisher. Although you might think that a diet plan is necessarily something complicated and sophisticated, the book presents on simple base rule: have 3-4 meals that contain 400 calories on a daily basis.

The good thing about this plan is that it makes it possible for you to eat whatever you want and even so, you could lose 11 pounds in just 2 weeks. The book also comes with meal plans and recipes to help you.

9. Ornish Diet

Top Diets

The diet got its name after the developer, Dean Ornish. It is known for being a low-fat, vegetarian and high fiber diet plan. According to the plan, only about 10% of the calories are produced from fat and you can be sure that you won’t find any fish, meat or fowl in the diet plan.

According to certain researchers if you are using this diet you have less cardiovascular risk factors, including high blood pressure. Nonetheless before you actually start with the diet you should make sure that you like it, so that following it won’t become torture for you.

10. Nutrisystem

Top Diets - Nutrisystem

This diet plan managed to achieve such high popularity because it is really convenient and also because there have been some really well-known success stories, such as those of Marie Osmond or Dan Marino. This year it has become even more popular, because there have been some changes made.

The majority of the shelf-stable food has been replaced by fresh-frozen meals that have been inspired by the creations of chefs. These foods come in a cooler, and all you have to do is to heat them and eat them. Naturally they are also portioned for you so that you don’t have any work.

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