There are many different treatments for an underactive thyroid and one of those is the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone. This is something that is commonly used around the world and there are a number of advantages to it – the main one being the ability to improve your thyroid problem.

However, there are a number of people who decide not to take the hormone, due to many other problems and side effects that are linked to it.

The Benefits of Taking the Medication

Thyroid Stimulating HormoneHypothyroidism is a condition where your thyroid is not producing enough of the hormone required for your body to continue. This is a gland in your neck and helps to control just how much energy your body is using.

There are many people who will suffer from this problem but it goes undiagnosed because the symptoms commonly mimic other problems. There are a number of health problems linked to an underactive thyroid, which the thyroid stimulating hormone will help with.

The most common is excessive tiredness for no reason and a decrease in the metabolic rate. This leads to a problem with weight gain and can also have an effect on the mood – usually causing problems like depression.

There are also links to your menstrual cycle because of the lack of hormones that your thyroid is producing. Hair loss, changes in blood pressure and even a lower body temperature are common symptoms to look out for.

An underactive thyroid is a dangerous condition and may lead to death, so taking the medication is important. However, there are a number of problems with taking the medication. There are also a number of excuses that people will make up to stop taking their medication. Before you stop, you should talk to your physician about all of your options and the consequences.

Downsides of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

One of the main downsides that people mention is the fact that they do not feel any better. This is something that will not be fixed overnight. It will take time for your doctor to get the right amount of hormone to help your body produce what it needs to. It is often a trial and error because everyone is different, so is something that you should bear in mind.

It is a medication that you need to take every day and this is not what people want. Either people forget to take it or just do not want to be on medication for the rest of their life. This is something that you need to talk to your physician about since there may be other options available and other brands that may help you.

Because you have to take the medication every day, it means that you need to buy it on a regular basis. This is not something that is cheap, which means that you have to budget with it in mind. However, this leads to spending a lot on something that you do not want to take. There are different incentives on around different states for those who have to take regular medication and you may want to check on your health insurance to see if the repeat prescriptions are included.

There are other side effects that are linked to the medication. The most common problem with the thyroid stimulating hormone is the weight gain. This is something that people need to put up with whether they are on or off the medication. The medication does not help to speed the metabolism back up – just improve the amount of hormones that are being produced by the thyroid.

This means that you have to look at the amount of calories you are burning each day and the amount that you are eating, if you want to lose weight. This becomes extremely tiresome and tricky for many people as they try to get the best diet.

There is not enough research being done into the effect that medications have on the body, especially if you are on many different types of medication. This is something that you can only talk to your doctor about and find out about the different ingredients and chemicals that are used in the many different types of medication, including the thyroid stimulating hormone.