Hair loss is one of the most prominent symbols of hypothyroidism. Hair growth is an ongoing activity and if something is wrong in your body, the cells stop growing. So if you are continuously facing the problem of hair loss then there is definitely something wrong in your body and it’s time once you get the thyroid test done.

Although there can be several reasons behind such hair loss but one of the most prominent among them is the hypothyroidism. People who suffer from the problem of hypothyroidism, continuously face the problem of hair loss in spite of taking several protective measures.

Here are some of the most effective tips which you can follow in order to protect your hair from further loss:

hair care tips during hypothyroidism

Be Patient and Understand your Problem

Don’t stress yourself too much because of hair loss. If you suffer from the problem of hypothyroidism then wait for a few months before you start taking any medication for hair loss.

In many cases it has been observed that the hair loss stops after a few months of taking the hypothyroidism medicines. So be patient and the let the problem heal on its own as too much of stress can aggravate the trouble.

Pay Attention to your Drug

People who suffer from the problem of hypothyroidism often have to go through serious medication. Many times the problem of hair loss is due to being undertreated or because of the improper drug. Talk to your doctor about your hair loss and he might change your drug for better results.

Take Vitamin Supplements

Hair breakage is due to the shutdown of the hair growth cells. In such a case if you try to intake various protein supplements available in the market, it can definitely improve the hair growth. EPO or the evening primrose oil is one such supplement which can enhance hair growth. This supplement is especially very good for people suffering from hypothyroidism.

Protein-Rich Diet

Protein plays an important role in the growth of healthy hair. Apart from taking the supplements, you can also take protein rich diet to enhance your hair growth and reduce the loss. Milk, fish, and other sources of plant and animal protein will be helpful.

Consider Alternatives

A healthy diet is very important for proper hair growth. Not only protein but other minerals and vitamins like the vitamin B complex and minerals like magnesium, zinc, folic acid etc are also very important to enhance hair growth.

Consult your Doctor

Even after following the above said steps, if the hair fall problem persists or increases with time, it’s better to consult a dermatologist or the doctor who is handling your thyroid problem. There are various medications and scalp therapy which might prove to be of great benefit to you.

Hair loss during hypothyroidism is a common problem but also a serious one. There are a number of things that you can do to protect your hair and if you take adequate preventive measures, you can easily protect your hair from all the damage.

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