One of the medical conditions that can actually result in weight gain even when a woman is doing everything right is when she has the problem of underactive or Hypo Thyroid which is one of the main concerns voiced by our reader commentators in this post.

With hypothyroidism, which is ten times more common in women than it is in men, causes a woman’s metabolism to slow down. This results in fatigue and low energy levels and also weight gain.

This weight is much harder to keep at bay or lose than would be the case for other women of a similar build, structure and having similar dietary habits and lifestyles.healthy eating

In fact it is often the case a woman starts to gain weight and continues to do so in spite of her best efforts. Investigation then reveals that the weight gain is a symptom of a thyroid problem.

What is then required is to remain active and have a healthy diet plan or perhaps increase activity to compensate for the slower metabolism. Medication and treatment should also be optimally followed if the weight gain is to keep in check.

A special diet and weight loss program tailored for people with hypothyroidism may have to be developed and followed.


  1. There is a tablet called Throxin which many physical practitioner advice to take if you are porn to that disease & it is really effective.But what is the main reason which lead to thyroid & slow down of metabolism????

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