For a while now, women have been told that they may be doing themselves harm by long term and constant use of the contraceptive pill; that is it may increase risk of cancer and other problems.

Now, however a new study has suggested that the pill may actually have the opposite effect on women, and that it may actually be good for health.

Statistics from a study conducted over a period of 39 years on 46,000 women, the Royal College of GPs Oral Contraception Study now seems to suggest that taking the pill may actually be beneficial for female health.

contraceptive pillsThis is said to be the largest study ever conducted with relation to the pill and it has shown that those women who take the pill have a 12% lower chances of developing heart disease, stroke and cancer than those who do not.

These benefits will accrue from the birth control pill to all those women who lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, getting regular medical checkups, not smoking and doing regular exercise.

So long as women implement these lifestyle rules, any negative effects of the pill will be minimized while the benefits will be maximized.

Source: The Examiner