The very notion that a workout program today isn’t suitable for women may sound ridiculous. This idea no doubt stems from an antiquated belief that men and women have different exercise patterns, and that women should stick to cardio based workouts while men should focus on weight training. That was then and this is now and the world of fitness has changed drastically over the past few decades.

Today, both men and women participate in marathons, triathlons, boot camps, kravmaga and other limit crushing bound crossing competitions. Even though now the lines of gender specific workouts have been blurred, there are still times when we find ourselves asking ask if certain workout routines should be done by women. Two home workout programs that have many people wondering that answer to that question are P90X and P90X2.

P90X took the world by storm several years ago when Tony Horton created the first ever home workout program based on the very old workout technique of muscle confusion.

Power 90 Extreme, as it’s also called not only brought intense fitness to your home, but created unbelievable results from all sorts of people backing up the claim that the program really worked. Last year the same company and fitness trainer that brought P90X released the sequel called P90X2.

The idea of P90X2 is simple, to take P90X to the next level, to expound on and explore the realm of new extreme training possibilities, and to really work your body harder than any other 90 day program.

Because of the sheer intensity of P90X2, many women have wondered if it’s something they should skip. Keep in mind P90X2 is not a body building workout. It’s simply a program designed to push you beyond your limits, which any gender can do. There are several reasons why women even more so than men would want to consider P90X2.

As women age and in particular head into their 40s, their muscle mass along with bone density begin to shrink at a faster rate compared to men. This process happens slowly, but then begins to pick up as women age. One of the best ways to combat this is to do weight training.

Traditional cardio will help, but not nearly as much as weight training. Incorporating a weight training routine into your exercise plan at least 3 times per week is sufficient enough to stave off muscle mass retraction and bone density loss. With this one simple fact in mind, P90X2 becomes the perfect ally for any women noticing this dilemma taking root.

The P90X2 program is a highly advanced form of weight training that has cardio intertwined in it. While not having any specific cardio workouts in it, you will experience an increased heart rate at or near the aerobic zone in almost every sequence of exercises. Women were particularly thought of when this unique aspect of P90X2 was decided upon.

Tony Horton did not want to create another workout thought of being something only for men. This is why Tony decided to strip out cardio specific workouts, like what are present in P90X, and add a cardio element into each of the P90X2 DVDs. It delivers the prefect balance between cardio/aerobic exercise intense weight training.

A key element to any good workout routine is the nutrition plan that accompanies it. A nutrition plan is often overlooked, but the P90X2 plan should not be. Women were thought of quite a bit when developing the nutrition plan. Because of the many various ways women eat today it can be difficult to follow a nutrition plan that comes along with a home workout routine.

Most of the plans provided by home workouts are generic and follow a low carb / high protein mantra that do not take into account someone’s personal eating habits.

Today, not only do many people contend with food allergies but, many have chosen to not eat particular types of food.

Vegetarians, Vegans, Pescatarians, and Gluten free diets may easily come to mind, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. These as well as over 50 other eating preferences have been taken into account and are represented in the P90X2 nutrition plan.

A well rounded eating plan and 14 new workouts designed with both genders in mind lend P90X2 to being one of the most extreme workouts that can be done by any man or woman. Tony Horton thought about many things as he compiled his most difficult routines into the most anticipated sequel to his bestselling workout program.

P90X2 is not about bulking up or trimming down or even getting you to look the best you can. P90X2 will help you become an all-around healthier person, which is beneficial to anyone, no matter the gender.