Systemic lupus erythermatosus, commonly referred as lupus, is a chronic inflammatory disease which mostly affects women rather than men.

It is an auto immune disease which mainly attacks on various tissues, cells and organs of your body, causing damage and dysfunction to the immune system.

Systemic lupus is a chronic illness which is mainly characterized by periods depending up on the disease activity.Systemic Lupus

For some persons the activity of the disease can be minimal which can be treated with simple medications and for others it can create serious inflammatory problems.

This inflammation can mainly affect lungs, heart, blood vessels, joints, skin, liver, kidneys and nervous system.

The main cause behind this inflammation is still unknown. Depending up on the signs and symptoms, systemic lupus is categorized into different types [Identifying lupus type].

Discoid lupus erythermatosus: If the inflammation is mainly on the skin, then it is called cutaneous or discoid lupus. You can easily identify this inflammation with rashes on face, neck and also on the scalp. Very rarely, discoid lupus can lead to systemic lupus. It is not probable to predict who will develop the most serious form of inflammation.

Drug induced lupus erythermatosus: This type of inflammation can be developed due to the usage of certain prescribed medications. Not every one of you who take these medicines can develop this lupus.

Only some persons, whose immune system does not support these drugs, can be affected with this kind of inflammation. The symptoms which are caused due to this can usually go away when you stop the usage of the medicines.

Neonatal lupus: This is very rare form of lupus which rarely affects newborn babies through mother. If you have certain antibodies which are linked with auto immune diseases, then there is a chance for your newborn baby to get affected with this inflammation. Even if you don’t have any symptoms or signs of auto immune disease, it can pass through the developing fetus.

Other factors which can lead to systemic lupus:

Genetic links: The exact reason for the systemic lupus is still unknown. Inherited viruses and genes play an important role in developing this chronic inflammation in you.

If your first degree relative (mother, father, brother, sister) patients are suffering with this illness, then there is a chance for you to get affected with systemic lupus. Identical twins can also have a greater risk of developing this disease.

Environmental factors: Certain environmental factors like exposure to ultra violet light, pollution can also be the causes for systemic lupus.

Pregnancy and menstruation: For most of the women, this chronic inflammation worsens after ovulation rather than the initial stages of menstruation period.

It has been proved that excess amounts of estrogen is the main reason behind the development of the disease. So, it is always advisable for you to take lower levels of estrogen to avoid the problem [Effects of lupus on pregnant woman].

Self care tips at home:

  1. If you are suffering with systemic lupus, then it is necessary for you to follow these steps in order to get relief from the illness.
  2. People suffering with lupus should get adequate rest, as they often experience constant weakness, which is different from normal tiredness.
  3. Do not expose your skin to harmful ultra violet rays of sun. Always be sure to wear long sleeved clothes whenever you go out from your home and try to apply sun block to your skin.
  4. Smoking increases the certainty of cardio vascular diseases. So, try to avoid it.
  5. Eat healthy food and maintain good and balanced diet. Regular exercises are always helpful in treating all kinds of illness and help you to be healthy and fit.