Before thinking about symptoms of lung cancer in women you should know that more people die because of this condition in the U.S. than because any other kind of cancer. Even more, more women die because of lung cancer than because of breast cancer.

Women’s lung cancer symptoms and signs

The truth about these symptoms is that it may take a long time before they appear. Because of this when the condition is diagnosed it could already be at advanced stages. One of the symptoms is smoker’s cough that becomes more serious or that persists.

symptoms-of-lung-cancer-in-womenAnother one of the signs of women’s lung cancer is pain in the chest, shoulder or back that isn’t related to coughing. It is also possible for women to notice an increased amount of sputum.

This could also change its color or it could contain blood. Nonsmoker’s cough could also be a sign if it lasts for more than 2 weeks.

You could be thinking about the symptoms of lung cancer in women if you have repeated episodes of bronchitis or pneumonia.

Late-stage signs

Some other symptoms are specific for this stage. Such symptoms include lack of appetite, fatigue, bone pain, headache, aching joints, bone fractures that aren’t caused by an injury or accident and neurologic women’s lung cancer signs, like memory loss or unsteady gait.

It is also possible to experience some facial or neck swelling or some unexplained weight loss.

When it comes to the signs, it is possible that they are caused by the spreading of lung cancer to the other parts of the body.

Other symptoms of lung cancer in women could involve headaches, pain, weakness, bone fractures, blood clots and bleeding.

If you have these symptoms or you know someone that has them it is important to see a doctor immediately and get tested to rule out the possibility of being affected by cancer.

It is always better to know the warning signs of women’s lung cancer, sooner than later. Early detection can increase the chances of survival dramatically. If the cancer is found while it is localized the chances of survival are of 50%. After this stage the chances drop significantly.

In case you have any symptoms of lung cancer in women most probably your doctor will suggest you have a CT scan or a PET scan. The advantage of these methods is that they can find the cancerous cells a lot earlier than the traditional X-rays thus increasing the chances of survival of patients.

Research regarding women’s lung cancer warning signs

It was shown by the researches that women smoke less cigarettes and they inhale less smoke, still their chances of being affected by lung cancer are 1.5 times higher than in case of men. These results may have something to do with the genes of women.

As you can see there are a lot of different symptoms of lung cancer in women to know about.