The symptoms of coronary heart disease are different in case of women and men. In many cases women don’t have any symptoms and if they do, these are atypical.

Usually women experience a mild angina that comes and goes instead of crushing pain.

Information about the coronary heart disease symptoms

symptoms-of-coronary-heart-diseaseThe symptoms that women experience feel more like indigestion or heartburn than a heart disease. It is also possible for women to simply feel nauseous or fatigued. Since there are no classic symptoms women usually don’t know that they should get tested for problems of this kind.

In order to prevent future problems, it is important for women to discuss about the signs of coronary heart disease with their doctor and about the atypical symptoms associated with it.

It may also be a good idea to think about other risk factors that could act as an indicator of the problem.

Knowing for sure

If you are certain that you have the symptoms of coronary heart disease it is a must to get screened. Screening is also a must if you have family history of coronary heart disease.

You should have some additional testing as well even though at this point you don’t show any signs of the condition.

In the past one of the coronary heart disease signs, angina, was thought to be caused by fixed plaques that prevented the blood from reaching the heart.

Nonetheless the doctors these days aren’t certain of this fact anymore. This is why there are several studies conducted in this field.

What did studies say?

One of the studies regarding the symptoms of coronary heart disease showed that in case of women with no or little narrowing the cause is endothelial dysfunction. The endothelium is made up of the cells that create the line of the walls of the blood vessels.

In the same time, it was found that there could be a buildup of plaque in the arteries of women that create an even and smooth pattern that isn’t detected by the standard tests. These are different from the plaques of men that are lumpy.

This is why then it comes to the symptoms of coronary heart disease, if women experience any of them they should get tested. This is the case even though they may not have an angiogram or narrowed arteries. This is the best way to find the underlying problem.

Unknown risk factors

The truth regarding the coronary heart disease warning signs is that there could be some unknown risk factors. Still if you get tested regularly and when you feel like something is wrong there is no reason for you to experience any serious problems.

Now you know more about the symptoms of coronary heart disease and you know what to look out for. As you can see it is important to get regularly tested and not ignore the symptoms, no matter how mild they may seem to be.