If you are searching information on the symptoms of bacterial infection you should know that in case of women, one of the most common types of bacterial infections are the vaginal infections.

About 80% of all women experience the symptoms at one point of their lives. These are easy to contact and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

What exactly is an infection?

symptoms-of-bacterial-infectionThe majority of women experience the bacterial infection symptoms at some point. There are different kinds of vaginal infections that require different treatment methods.

In the majority of the cases the symptoms of the infections are quite similar and so it is easy for them to be misdiagnosed.

To make sure of what the signs of bacterial infections tell you, you should seek the help of a professional.

Usually these infections are caused by an imbalance of the bacteria that can naturally be found in the vagina. Normally there is a balance between the good and bad bacteria.

The symptoms of bacterial infection appear in the moment when the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria.

In some case the infection isn’t caused by bacteria but by fungus that can also be found inside the vagina. The bacterial imbalance can be caused by hormonal changes or exposure to bad bacteria.

Common causes of the appearance of the bacterial infection signs include pregnancy, STDs, illness, menopause and stress. There are some soaps that could cause an infection too, along with inappropriate clothing and an imbalanced diet.

Kinds of bacterial infections

As it has been mentioned before, there are different kinds of infections leading to similar symptoms which may often prove to be confusing. Their majority is quite harmless, but some of them require the attention of a professional. It is very important to be treated for the right infection. Otherwise the situation could get even worse.

Bacterial vaginosis

This kind of infection is responsible for 40% of all the warning signs of bacterial infection. At the moment the exact cause of the infection isn’t known. It is believed to have something to do with bacterial imbalance. Such infections can be transmitted, but they could also be caused by IUDs and douches.

Usually the infection is difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms of bacterial infection are missing. If you do have some symptoms these may include irritation, itching and redness. Some other common signs involve a white, grey or smelly discharge coming from the vagina.

Yeast infection

This is the most common kind of infection of them all. In this case the bacterial infection warning signs are caused by an overgrowth of a fungus. The good news is that it cannot be transmitted sexually, but it can be contracted through baths, excess moisture in the vagina and tight or damp clothes.


If you are looking for the symptoms of bacterial infection, you should know that in the majority of the cases the treatment is pretty simple. In many cases the treatment can be found over-the-counter and you can use them in the privacy of your own home.