Stress incontinence, in a woman, is a common thing. This type of problem can happen when pressure is put on the bladder. It is more prevalent in women than it is in men.

If you suffer from this awful condition, embarrassment is something that you are probably used to. It is no fun to be a woman who has to watch her every movement.

Stress incontinence can be brought on by physical exercise or activity. Getting a cold and having to cough or sneeze can be very uncomfortable for you.

You probably have noticed if you do any heavy lifting that this can also trigger the release of urine. There are things that you can do to help with your stress incontinence.stress incontinence

Why Incontinence?

When your muscles that hold up your bladder do not perform right anymore you will have stress incontinence. This can also happen if your muscles that control your urine quit functioning like they should.

The way the bladder is supposed to work is that it holds your urine and does not release it through your urethra until it is time for you to go to the bathroom.

Your urethra is supposed to stay closed until this time. With stress incontinence this does not happen.

The urethra will release your urine too early when your muscles in that area are not working correctly. This usually happens when your bladder is full but this is not always the case.

Factors That Cause Incontinence

There are several things that can make stress incontinence worse. Sometimes when you have an infection in your urinary tract you may have more accidents than usual [urinary tract infections]. Being overweight is not a good thing when you have stress incontinence.

Also if you are a woman who has diabetes then your body may produce more urine which will make the occurrence of stress incontinence harder to deal with. Too much drinking of alcohol or caffeinated drinks will also affect your stress incontinence. Even medication can sometimes cause this problem.

Stress Incontinence Treatments

Your physician will tell you to cut down on the amount of fluids that you are drinking. This will keep your bladder from being full all the time. They may want you to go on a diet to lose weight if you are carrying around too many extra pounds.

Kegel exercises are something that your physician may recommend. These exercises will really help you to strengthen your pelvic muscles. You will have to do these Kegel exercises regularly to see any benefit from them.

If you need help with these exercises your health care professional should be able to help you.

Another thing that your physician may suggest is that you go to the bathroom more often. This will relieve your bladder before an accident can happen.

If worse comes to worse your physician may want you to use a device to help control your problem or they may even suggest surgery.

With all these treatments that are available you should be able to feel better in no time.


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