Before thinking about the signs of iron deficiency you should know that iron is one of the most important components of the human body that make sure that it functions as it should.

In extreme cases the deficiency could turn out to be fatal. This is why women should make sure that they can recognize the signs.


This is one of the most common symptoms and it is very easy to notice. It happens because it is hemoglobin that transports oxygen to the tissues.

signs-of-iron-deficiencyIf there is a lack of hemoglobin that is produced with the help of iron, the ability of the body to transport oxygen to the tissues gets reduced.

Because of this the symptoms of iron deficiency appear that include tiredness and fatigue.

In case of children, the lack of this nutrient can be seen if there is a lack of endurance when it comes to physical activities and if he or she has a general state of tiredness.

Palpitation or shortness of breath

These are also signs of iron deficiency. They are caused by the fact that the transportation of oxygen to the tissues doesn’t happen as it is supposed to.

Because of this the heart has to work more and so palpitation and shortness of breath appears.

If this symptom is present, women usually look weak and their heart rate could change very fast. It is also possible for women with this problem to have a lack of endurance when performing physical activities and to experience increased palpitations.


Another one of the easily noticeable signs of iron deficiency is women having pale skin. If a person doesn’t have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the tissue, she will look pale. In case of women it is possible to be affected by the problem if they have heavy periods or bleeding between periods.

Pagophagia or pica

This could also be one of the warning signs of iron deficiency. They refer to an urge to consume different products that aren’t edible. In some cases the women experience an urge to consume ice, cement, paint, starch or sand. In the majority of the cases the patients are craving ice.

If you experience this one of the signs of iron deficiency, most probably you don’t have enough iron in your diet. In case the patient craves only ice or ice products the problem is known as pagophagia and if this is your case you should make sure to mention it to your doctor.

Hair loss

When it comes to visible iron deficiency warning signs you should be thinking of hair loss too. It is true that there are some other conditions as well that could lead to the same results, like zinc deficiency.

There are many different signs of iron deficiency and it is best to recognize the problem while it presents only mild symptoms.