Proven ways to correct your hormonal imbalances. Many imbalances are lifestyle related. Start by making corrections in your personal environment.

11 Common Signs of hormone deficiency

  1. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning

Cut out coffee and alcohol for 1 week for 7 days, replace coffee in the morning with green tea (but nothing after 3:00 pm), and in the evening, cut out alcohol completely.

  1. You crash after a high carb meal
    adopt a low carb diet to improve your blood sugar and insulin control.
  1. Constant cravings
    Short term: eat dark chocolate (70% or more)for afternoon cravings. In the evening, grab a handful of frozen grapes or berries. 
  1. You have got high belly fat
    If you have got high belly fat, stop drinking beer and reduce other alcohol as well, until things start shifting back in the right direction.
  1. Low libido
    Get more sleep, less coffee, and fewer alcoholic drinks. Plan more time to unwind to recharge and reinvigorate your life.
  1. Weight gain around the hips
    Eat fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchee. Add more cruciferous veggies to support liver detoxification.
  1. You are cold, tired and your hair is lifeless
    Eliminate sugar, caffeine, limit alcohol and get more sleep. Next, get a full thyroid panel to see if there is any thyroid problem brewing.
  1. Low mood
    High blood sugar and insulin levels increase your risk of low mood. A simple HbA1C blood test will tell you where you stand. If you are higher than 5.2%, adopt a low carb paleo diet to bring your levels back into range.
  1. Food
    Kick your sugar habit, including artificial sweeteners.
    Skip or minimize alcohol
    Eliminate white foods (thick wheat and flour)
    Eliminate gluten
    Time to minimize caffeine.

Do not eat processed food. They are filled with neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors
Aim for 80/20 80% vegetables 20 % protein and healthy fats plant and animal fats.
Take digestive enzymes and probiotics for nutrient absorption.

  1. Home environment
    Clean up your living environment.
    Get rid of toxic cleaners and chemicals, including laundry products
    Remove fluoride from your tooth products. Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland which will lead to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
    Replace plastic in your kitchen with other storage materials.
  1. Body
    Use only real natural body and hair products, what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body streams, including your sunscreen which blocks vitamin D absorption and is carcinogenic. Detox- don’t fast or go straight into a juice detox. If your body is not acclimated to this type of process it will do everything to hold onto fat stores for future energy use. Move your body- your body is not meant to sit all day. It is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to make changes in your hormone profile.
    Have sex- release many feel-good hormones.
  1. Mind
    Clean up your mental environment, negative self-talk and comparison to others brings on unnecessary stress, raises your cortisol level and starts the hormonal roller coaster over and over. Get rid of the endless cycle of stories floating in your head, this goes back to comparisons. You never know what is going on in someone else’s life s why not just concentrate on being and doing the best you can. Practice daily the art of presence, even if you are a terrible mediator don’t give up trying. Even if you are not successful at it the benefit will come with consistent effort. Decide what you want more a happy life that is symptom-free or going on the way you have been going.