A pregnant woman stands the risk of developing anaemia, if her diet does not provide her with sufficient iron rich food. Often doctors prescribe iron supplements during this period because it is during this time that a woman’s body needs the extra dose of iron; this ensures that there is sufficient red blood cells in the blood that are responsible for carrying oxygen to the mother’s tissues as well as to that of the growing baby inside her womb.

signs and symptoms of Iron deficiency anaemia during pregnancy

The need for red blood cells is more when a woman is pregnant so that her baby also gets sufficient oxygen. Iron and some other specific nutrients are essential for the healthy production of red blood cells in the body. When the body is deprived iron, the red blood cells production slows down and the body suffers from iron deficiency anaemia.

There are particular signs and symptoms of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.  Pregnancy in itself causes several changes in a woman’s body. And most women are affected by iron deficiency anaemia during these months. Some have a mild form of this condition, while some are affected severely and require medical assistance to recover from this condition.

Signs and symptoms to look out for that indicate iron deficiency anaemia

All the signs and symptoms of anaemia may not be evident at once. They appear with time and the symptoms become most prominent when the pregnant woman’s body has used up all the iron available. Here are some of the main signs and symptoms that one should be aware of in case of iron deficiency anaemia.

  • Fatigue: There is an increase level of fatigue experience by the patient. She may feel tired after the slightest amount of physical work.
  • Weakness: Anaemia is characterised by weakness. The patient feels weak and it shows in her appearance as well.
  • Paleness: There is an overall pallor of the skin. Nail beds and gums also lose colour and looks pale.
  • Decrease in immunity levels: A pregnant woman suffering from iron deficiency anaemia is often unable to fight infections and falls ill due to infections. The infection fighting mechanism if the body is hit by anaemia.
  •  Concentration problems: The patient often becomes restless and finds it increasingly difficult to focus or concentrate of things.
  • Headache: With oxygen supply to the brain significantly reduced, the patient experiences severe headaches on and often.
  • Heart related pain: Also called Angina, this heart related chest pain is also common to a person suffering from anaemia.