National Scottish statistics showed that the rate of alcohol deaths in Scotland registered its highest level of deaths amongst women and that it was even higher than deaths amongst English men.

Drinking has now become part of Scottish women’s lives and more than 30 percent of Scottish women are now consuming over 14 units of alcohol per week, which is the limit, recommended by the Government.

Thousands of Scottish women suffer from diseases related to alcohol abuse, such as cirrhosis and chronic liver disease and the rate of mortality is climbing each year.alcohol consumption1

Nowadays lot of women drink at home, and this is where they drink the most, for the doses are larger and there is no one to put them in check. Wine, which is habitually consumed in most households, is also increasing in alcoholic content.

The reason for this abusive drinking is generally due to a lack of confidence or high levels of stress, especially in environments such as work places, when after work women come home and relax with a stiff drink after a strenuous day.

Although next month the Scottish Government will undertake a war against abuse in alcohol consumption, these anti-alcoholic operations will probably not have the desired effect on women. The most effective deterrent from alcohol is the high price and accessibility.