In case you are interested in the recurrent bacterial sinus infections, you should know that they are also known as sinusitis. They refer to the inflammation of one or more sinuses. These are the hollow cavities of the nose bone found in the human face.

Recurrent Bacterial Sinus Infections

Information about the bacterial sinus infections that are recurrent

These sinuses are drained throughout the day. However if there is a blockage in the sinuses and they can’t be drained, an infection will appear. In the majority of the cases, the infection is caused by viral infections (the most common one being the flu). In the same time, the problem can also be caused by bacteria.

Recurrent bacterial infections of the sinuses explained

The problem is said to be recurrent if a person has three or even more infections per year. It is possible that it is caused by a chronic sinus infection that wasn’t treated correctly. As a consequence, the infection is not healed and it comes back when the area gets in contact with factors that affect its sensitivity such as dust, bacteria and cold air.

Symptoms of the recurrent bacterial sinus infections

The affected people usually experience pressure over the sinuses, pain, nasal congestion, decrease in taste and smell sensations, colored nasal discharge, headache, fever, fatigue, bad taste or bad breath, tooth pain, cough, postnasal drip and ear pressure or pain.


When thinking about the sinuses’ recurrent bacterial infections, there is more and more evidence suggesting that the people who have allergies have higher chances of developing sinus infections. This is because it doesn’t matter what causes the blockage; if the sinuses can’t be drained, they will become inflamed.

What else causes recurrent bacterial sinus infections?

Another one of the causes is a structural abnormality, for instance a deviated septum. Other bony abnormalities can also prevent the sinuses from draining properly. Such abnormalities can be usually found on a CT scan and they are often treated with surgery.

If you are interested in the causes of the sinuses’ bacterial infections that are recurring you should know that the people struggling with immunodeficiency have higher chances of being affected too. If the immunodeficiency is connected to antibody formation, besides the sinusitis, pneumonia can also appear.

Treatment options

It is good to know about the recurrent bacterial sinus infections that in the majority of the cases they are treated with antibiotics. Nonetheless not all the infections respond to antibiotics and in this case, there is need for the use of other kinds of medications.