The recession is having some interesting effects on the nation and in particularly women.

Some are negative including the reduction of those taking regular health checks whilst others are more positive.

A recent survey carried out by the American Psychiatric Association shows that women are approaching life in a more back to basics way.

Instead of trips to the mall, the majority of those asked, were turning to religion or taking time to spend with friends and their family.

Although no questions were asked about changes in food or alcohol intake, it suggested that exercise and even music was being seen as the more common ways of stress relief.exercising woman

A survey carried out by Gallup shows that more women are taking stricter measures to avoid unplanned pregnancies. The target group, were aged between eighteen and the mid forties, seventeen percent of those that were married have changed their plans to have children.

More alarmingly, from the over one thousand surveyed, one in every seven have cancelled their last pap smear test and breast examination. Presumably this is because of loss of health insurance, but it is a big cause for concern. Furthermore fifteen per cent had reduced the medicines that they should be taking, again presumably because of cost.

Symptoms of depression are on the increase too. The APA president, Nada Stotland is not shocked by the findings, which show that areas with high unemployment rates are being hit very hard. As a nation, America is facing the fact that over half of the population, has already been mentally impacted by the current recession.