Since radioactive iodine treatment is known to be efficient in case of hyperthyroidism and the follicular and papillary forms of thyroid cancer, a lot of people may be wondering about the radioactive iodine treatment side effects. This treatment is administered in the form of a capsule or liquid.

Radioactive Iodine Treatment Side EffectsXerostomia as one of the side effects of radioactive iodine

This side effect means having a dry mouth caused by the lack of saliva. The side effect appears because the salivary glands are exposed to radiation and thus they decrease the amount of saliva produced. The side effect usually lasts for a week and after that the problem will disappear on its own.

Vomiting and nausea

This one of the radioactive iodine treatment adverse effects is caused by the fact that the stomach and the stomach content are exposed to the radiation. Just as the other symptoms, this should also disappear after the few days. Keep in mind that since the stomach receives radiation, the vomit will also be radioactive.


When thinking about the radioactive iodine treatment side effects, you should expect to experience pain in the abdomen or the stomach. This is one of the side effects that are to be expected and the good news is that it will disappear on its own after a short while.

Tenderness or pain in the neck

During the treatment, the neck is also exposed to radiation and as a result women can experience the adverse effects of radioactive iodine treatment. The pain usually appears in the parotid gland, the thyroid bed, and the submandibular glands. The pain should only last for a day or two.

Change in taste

The radioactive iodine treatment side effects include having dry mouth and don’t forget that iodine has metallic properties. This is why some of the patients experience a temporary change in taste. Some say that food doesn’t taste as good as it should. On the bright side, in about 48 hours the side effect will disappear.


This one of the negative effects of radioactive iodine treatment is caused by the fact that after radiation the thyroid gland starts producing more hormones. The fatigue should go away in a short while and you are supposed to have an increase in energy levels.

Although these are the most common radioactive iodine treatment side effects, you should know that there are some other effects as well that you could experience. Mention them to your health care provider.