Are you someone who has a habit of wearing an eye mask while sleeping? Do you feel a compulsive need to block all light while sleeping? Well eye masks definitely prove effective as far as blocking the light is concerned and have several other advantages as well.  However, they can be a little uncomfortable and may get off while sleeping in the night. Like any other thing, wearing eye masks can have both pros and cons and the following is a list of both:

various pros and cons of eye mask for sleeping

Pros of Wearing Eye Mask for Sleeping

  • One of the biggest benefits of wearing an eye mask while sleeping is that it helps you to block all the light in your surroundings and thus leads to a comfortable and deep sleep. Some people find it difficult to sleep when even a little bit of light is around and for them, this is a great option.
  • Another benefit of wearing an eye mask while sleeping is that it can help keep your make up fresh and well maintained. If you have to go somewhere after waking up or are just taking a nap during the day, then an eye mask helps you to keep your eye makeup from getting messed up. It prevents the makeup from getting rubbed off and smudging all over your face.
  • For those who face troubled sleeping, eye masks can work very well as they avoid them from being distracted by lights or things in the room or surroundings. Eye masks can be responsible for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Cons of Wearing Eye Mask for Sleeping

  • One of the biggest negative points associated with wearing eye masks is that they can press against our eyes and eyelashes and this may make them a little bit uncomfortable to wear and sleep in. ofcourse, there are some options which come in convenient designs but most of the easily available ones may be uncomfortable to wear.
  • Another disadvantage of wearing an eye mask while sleeping is that it can leave lines on your face which may take time to go away after waking up. This happens because some of them have elastic bands and these bands may edge into the skin, leaving marks. If they are not tight enough, they will fall off while sleeping and hence they must be a little tight to be held in place. It is better to buy the adjustable ones to avoid this problem.
  • Another reason why eye masks may not be the best way to get good sleep is that while wearing them, you are not exposed to the natural sunlight and this may cause you to oversleep. When the sun comes out in the morning, it acts as a natural alarm clock for most of us but if you wear an eye mask, you may not realize what time it is and may oversleep. This can cause you to be late for work or for your day in general.

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