From time to time we have had inflicting information about calcium supplements, whether they are necessary or good for you or whether they are unnecessary and actually bad for you. Now, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal has stated that calcium supplements are important for maintaining good bone health.

calcium supplementsAdequate Calcium intake is important for maintaining bone mass, keeping bones healthy and preventing osteoporosis.

The requisite amounts of calcium are often not obtained from out diet and hence the requirement for calcium supplements, which are effective as well, according to the study.

The apprehension that stems from use of calcium supplements is the fear for cardiovascular problems, however many studies examined have not shown an increased risk. In fact, calcium supplements have been associated with benefits other than improved bone health that is a reduced colon cancer risk.

It is clarified that consumers, in particular young women should not be dissuaded from taking calcium supplements on the basis of a few findings because on the whole, benefits are seen to accrue.

The decision should be based on a discussion with the doctor to determine the requirement and dosage of calcium supplements, their duration as well as the combination of administration with Vitamin D.