Before thinking about the osteoporosis osteopenia treatment you should know that osteopenia is the condition that makes your bones become weak getting you close to being affected by osteoporosis.

The truth is that there are no symptoms so most probably you don’t even know that you have a problem.

Information about treatment for osteoporosis osteopenia

The good news is that this problem is highly treatable and preventable. No matter how old you are, the best thing you could do is to start building strong bones so that you won’t be affected later by this problem.

osteoporosis-osteopenia-treatmentIf you start at an early stage, you will be able to fight the natural bone loss later.


One of the best solutions for osteoporosis osteopenia is to have a high calcium intake on a daily basis. In the same time you should also have trace minerals, magnesium and vitamin K2 and D3.

The problem isn’t a calcium deficiency but the fact that the body cannot use the calcium efficiently because there aren’t enough co-factors in the diet.

Vitamin D

As it has been mentioned before it is also important to have enough vitamin D. This is because it helps the body to absorb calcium.

You can get this vitamin through foods and sunlight. In order to have enough of it, you should spend 10-15 minutes in the sun at least three times per week.

The amount of vitamin that you need for osteoporosis osteopenia solution depends on the skin sensitivity, skin color, use of sunscreen and the level of pollution.

The same vitamin can also be found in different kinds of food supplements, like AlgaeCal. According to the studies, people need more vitamin D than they think they do.


When it comes to the osteoporosis osteopenia treatment you should also think about magnesium. This is the substance that keeps the calcium in the soft tissues and bones. Naturally it also has other functions, such as fighting diseases. It can be found in whole-grains, vegetables and legumes.

One of the best things you could do regarding osteoporosis osteopenia therapy is to take the calcium along with magnesium. This is because they work together and this way it is easier to maintain a balance. When thinking about the sources, you should know that it is best to get them from your diet.

Vitamin K2

A lot of studies regarding osteoporosis osteopenia treatment have shown that vitamin K2 has an important role to play in the strength of the bones. This is one of the vitamins that cannot be produced by the body so you must get it from your food. It is also good to know that the body isn’t able to store this vitamin.

Get it moving!

If you are interested in therapy for osteoporosis osteopenia you should know that exercise is also crucial for the strength of the bones.

We have many different options when it comes to the osteoporosis osteopenia treatment.