What if the health of your bones is in danger and you have no idea?

Statistics and studies performed after 2010 say that more and more people face the danger of osteoporosis at a very young age.

So, in case you are a responsible adult and you are looking forward to have a healthy and comfortable life here are the osteoporosis facts you didn’t know.

4 Osteoporosis Facts You Didn’t Know

Bone health facts

Are you aware that your bones stop growing bone mass around the age of 30? From there on every significant illness you have combined with poor lifestyle choices are making your bones frailer and more susceptible to osteoporosis.

The nutrition choices made from a very young age together with the amount of physical activity are very important for a healthy bone mass during adulthood and old age. Quality sleep and lack of stress in everyday life are also part of the factors influencing bone health.

Is it all about Calcium and Vitamin D?

Not exactly, but they surely help. Starting your kids on a calcium rich ddiet will help them develop stronger bone mass. Veggies are good but they can’t compensate for the lack of calcium in a person’s diet.  This is why it’swise to focus on traditional food choices like milk. It is also recommendable to introduce sources of Vitamin D in your kid’s diet even from infancy.

Your kids need the sun for Vitamin D but they also need it for developing healthy muscle structure. There is no need for prolonged sun exposure but rather advisable to let the kids go out regardless the season. The winter sun, however pale, offers the necessary amount of Vitamin D for calcium absorption.

Being thin or thinner ?

Of course all of us want a slender figure. Still, one of the most surprising osteoporosis facts you did not know is that the thinner you are the lower is the quality of your bone mass. Constant diets deprive the body of minerals so instead of skipping dairy for the sake of your waist line consider choosing a balanced diet and a workout program.

You should stand up straight

It might have been annoying for you as a child to keep hearing “Stand up straight!” but you would be surprised to find out that a correct posture is a preventive measure for osteoporosis.

The health issue behind curved backs and humps is called Hyperkyphosis and is a result of bones not growing straight and sturdy because of the slouchy position. The bones are weak and porous and prone to osteoporosis  because they didn’t develop proper bone mass density.

How does a workout help?

If you were diagnosed with osteoporosis it doesn’t mean you are forbidden to work out because your bones are frail.

Bones respond to a basic “mechanical push”. When you work out the muscles are pulled from the bone. This acts like a signal for the bone mass signaling center to start improving bone mass.

It is actually very simple and you should keep in mind that resistance training even if in the form of walking, jogging and jumping is the ideal choice of physical activity.