While it may come as no surprise that abused women are more at risk when it comes to poor mental health; it may be somewhat surprising that verbal abuse is even more detrimental or harmful than physical abuse as demonstrated by a study.

The study found that those women who suffered only verbal abuse were worse off and more at risk than those that suffered only from physical abuse. Evidently the worst scars are those we cannot see!

old womanResearchers analyzed data relating to 94,000 women between the ages 50 and 79 and it was found that the women who had suffered abuse scored lower when tested for mental health.

They also displayed greater depressive symptoms and more social strain.

They were also seen to be less optimistic about life than other women who had not suffered abuse.

It was expected that researchers would find physical abuse as making a greater impact, however it was verbal abuse that was seen to make the most negative impact in terms of happiness as well as mental health.

Such women were seen to experience a decline in the quality of their lives as they aged. Their situation was seen to improve with two factors: social contact and physical activity.

Source: HealthDay