Every woman hates the extra belly fat which prevents her belly from looking flat and well -toned.  But it is completely normal to have belly fat as people with flat abs also tend to have some belly fat.  It is the excess of fat on the belly that can be troublesome and must be trimmed down.  Too much of belly fat can have adverse effects on the health as well.  Thus, the following are some of the most effective ways to lose belly fat for women.

ways to get rid of belly fat

1. Do Crunches

Doing crunches is the best possible way to get rid of that extra belly fat that you have.  While you are doing crunches and lifting your torso, avoid sitting up straight right away.  Always maintain a 30-40 degree angle from the ground and try to feel the pressure on your abs.

2. Incorporate olive oil in your diet

This might sound a little weird to some but one of the best ways to reduce that belly fat is to dip into some olive oil.  There are some compounds present in olive oil which stimulate a certain hormone in your stomach which makes your brain feel that you are full. This avoids unnecessary need to eat at regular intervals and thus helps you watch your fat.

3. Hydrate yourself

Keeping hydrated helps you to improve your metabolism which thus leads to burning of the excess belly fat.  Make it a point to drink atleast 8 glasses as this not only lets your body run much more efficiently but also keeps you healthy.  Moreover, drinking water flushes out the excess toxins and avoids bloating.

4. Eat at regular intervals

A lot of woman thinks that eating after long intervals and starving themselves for extended periods of time will help them reduce the belly fat but this is a common misconception.  When you starve yourself, your body goes into the starvation mode and then leads to binge eating.  This binge eating adds a lot of fat to your mid- section. Thus to avoid this, make sure you eat at regular intervals and is possible, every three hours.

5. Load yourself up with greens

It is true that not all vegetables are calorie free but they sure are low on calories, high on vitamins and very filling. The high fiber content in vegetables makes you feel full fast and avoids overeating.   Thus this in turn has an effect on your belly fat which can eventually get reduced.

6. Eat dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is packed with high quantities of zinc which is a great friend for your belly.  What zinc does is that it increases the Leptin count in the body and this hormone helps in the regulation of your energy expenditures, thus helping you to burn the belly fat quickly.

7. Cut down on processed sugars and grains

To lose belly fat, you can try cutting down on processed sugars as well as grains.  Reducing on sugar can allow you to burn fat faster and works really well for women.

Photo Credit By: femside.com