They say that one man’s curse is another man’s blessing and so it would seem is the case with women and obesity. New reports show different impacts of obesity among women; positive and negative – according to one report, Obesity contributes to high C section rates, and according to another report, obesity lowers glaucoma rates.

obese womanOne study found that for every unit increase in BMI, as measured on arrival for delivery, a woman’s risk of cesarean delivery rose by 4 percent and C sections are known to be responsible for complications for both mom and baby such as infection, bleeding and hysterectomy.

So definitely reason enough to maintain a healthy weight for mothers to be.

In another study, obesity was seen to reduce the rate of glaucoma among women. While this does not mean that women should try and try and put on weight offering the excuse of staving of glaucoma, it does mean that we may be closer to understanding how glaucoma develops and progresses.

The risk of a type of glaucoma, which is normal tension glaucoma; was seen to decrease with proportionate increase in BMI. For every unit of increase in a woman’s BMI, risk for normal tension glaucoma dropped by 6 percent.