It may, on the face of it be a rather strange question to be asking, but it is just this question that was answered by researchers at the University of Buffalo.

The study found that proximity of one’s residence to convenience stores and restaurants increased women’s chances of being overweight when compared with those who don’t live as close.

convenient storesWhen land is used in a diverse way for different kinds of uses, this can promote physical activity among residents, but this is linked to higher BMI and an increase in obesity rates when the neighborhood has a large number of restaurants in it.

The study did in fact note an increase in BMI rates of women who lived in inner city neighborhoods that had everything within easy walking distance.

We have in fact even seen in the past, how proximity of convenience stores to homes can serve to increase rates of childhood obesity as well.

It was concluded by the study authors that improving “Food Environments” in neighborhoods may serve to improve women’s health. It is also suggested that convenience stores may be making women fat due to lack of access to fresh fruits, vegetables, and quality restaurants within walking distance of home.


  1. Is it convenience foods or is it more to do with womens attitude?

    If you live in a developed country you have access to every kind of food in your local stores and supermakets. The problem is the choices that women make. Its so easy for them to shop with their emotions and not with their mind.

    I truly believe that women need help changing their mindset and attitude towards food. Healthy food can make you feel just as great.

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