If you are of normal weight and currently have no health issues, then this post is for you to prevent obesity and its attendant problems in future. All of us can benefit from knowing how to prevent obesity, because with the kind of hectic lifestyles we have, the way that we are surrounded by tempting, unhealthy food choices, can make the pounds pile on without us being aware of it!

Here are 8 tips that will help to understand how to prevent obesity

1. Eat healthy

This one is a no brainer; watch what you eat and how much of it you consumed. Don’t go near trans fats; and eat healthy fats such as olive oil, safflower oil. Eat raw nuts. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and whole grain, supplemented by quality protein derived from eggs, lean meat, fish and low fat dairy. Eat only when you are really hungry and stop before you feel over-full. Drink plenty of water avoiding sugary drinks and you’ve got the basics of eating healthy in control!

2. Keep activeHow to Prevent Obesity

Exercise is good for us for so many different reasons that it is difficult to enumerate all. Suffice it to say that if eating healthy is one side of the coin that helps you with how to prevent obesity, then regular, age appropriate and adequate exercise is the other.

3. Go for health checkups

Don’t wait for problems to occur before you rush to the doctor. Diseases, disorders and illness are always better prevented or checked as soon as possible. Regular medical checkups will help detect health issues before they escalate and will help in making lifestyle alterations that may be needed to keep the pounds from creeping up.

4. Keep stress in control

Another one of the keys to how to prevent obesity is to control stress. Stress releases certain hormones in the body that cause the body to horde fat. Stress causes the body to perceive scarcity or times of trouble, and this causes fat to collect around the abdomen. Stress also disturbs restful sleep – another factor that is known to contribute to weight gain.

5. Cook at home

The more you cook at home, the less you eat out. The more you cook at home the easier it is to eat healthy: you make the choice about what to buy, what to cook, how to cook it, the ingredients to use and so on. You also do your family a favor by getting a healthy meal on the table.

6. Shop smart

Buy fresh produce rather than processed, refined foods. If unhealthy foods are not to be found in your kitchen you automatically eat healthier.

7. Weigh yourself

One of the keys to how to prevent obesity is to know when you’re starting to put on weight. Regularly weigh yourself to find out when you’re putting on weight. You see yourself everyday and you may not realize when the weight starts to creep up on you. Then one day you look at a recent picture juxtaposed with a much older picture and the penny drops! Rather than this scenario, weigh yourself regularly to know that you’re healthy, rather than presuming so!

8. Wear clothes that fit properly

Wearing fitting clothes is another tip for how to prevent obesity. Any increase in inches will be felt and noticed at once if your clothes are well fitting.