Despite the best possible intentions, many of us fail to keep up with regular visits after first joining a gym. There are a number of reasons, with the biggest tending to be the time commitment associated with visiting the gym several times a week to the cost of membership.

Whatever the reason for the lull in activity, it’s clear that the gym isn’t the right keep-fit option for everyone.

keep fit work at homeWhat’s needed is a more convenient option to work out on a weekly basis – and one which costs less than hitting the gym. The obvious option in terms of convenience is to keep fit at home, cutting out the travel time associated with getting to the gym and back and freeing up some more time in the evening or before work to spend time with your family or pursue other activities.

It’s possible to get your home kitted out with the kind of equipment you’ll find in the local gym, meaning that you’ll be getting just as vigorous a keep-fit session without the need to set foot outside your front door.

Of course, splashing out on various pieces of high-tech gym equipment will mean a significant outlay in the short term – but if you’re in it for the long term then the savings you’ll make will likely run into the hundreds and even thousands.

The amount you spend will obviously depend on how seriously you want to take your sessions; if you’re just looking to do some simple aerobic exercise now and again to keep on top of things then an exercise bike or rowing machine should see you right without costing the earth.

If you’re looking for a more balanced workout, however, you’ll want to add more aerobic equipment – such as a cross trainer or treadmill – as well as a multi-gym station for plenty of options with weights.

As well as the initial cost, it’s also important to take the amount of free space you have available into account before you start spending. Some pieces of gym equipment are incredibly bulky, so be sure to plan well before you get out your credit card – an average sized multi-gym will take up a similar amount of space as a double bed, for example.

However you decide to do it, exercise can go a long way to helping you to keep fit and healthy. There’s always the potential for unforeseen problems, however, so it’s a good idea to keep yourself covered with affordable healthcare. Looking into the services offered by a healthcare society could be well worth your while, as this can be a more cost effective way to go than private medical insurance.