Migraines are a condition that is more commonly seen in women than in men and migraine sufferers may have some reason to cheer now – an international study carried out by Oxford University researchers, has identified a gene responsible to causing migraines, which is called TRESK.

migraineA migraine, which an estimated 18% women suffer from, is a long lasting, severe, throbbing headache that could disrupt a persons’ day completely. It is usually felt towards the front or one side of the head and could have other symptoms such as nausea or light sensitivity.

The finding has been described as a ‘once in a generation’ finding since it could lead to the development of new drugs to combat migraines, by “Turning down the threshold at which the body feels pain.” TRESK, it is thought, controls the body’s sensitivity to pain.

Now if this is faulty, then the body will feel pain quicker and more acutely, by lowering the pain threshold. This explains why those who suffer from migraines are so very sensitive to light, sound and touch.

This discovery could mean more effective treatments for migraine, and even pain in general. This may have far reaching ramifications for everyone, since it could impact pain management in general.


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