Night sweats, also known as nocturnal hyperhidrosis, is a menopause symptom that almost all women will suffer before, during or after menopause.

It is a common perspiration disorder that occurs when a warm sensation causes your body to perspire.

So, it refers to any excess sweating occurring from the body during the night.

As you become older, your body begins to change dramatically and the ovaries will no longer produce eggs. This is known as menopause stage.

In this stage, you come across some menopause symptoms such as insomnia, hot flashes, mood swings, depression, and night sweats.

Night sweats occur due to fluctuation in estrogen levels. The good news is that nocturnal hyperhidrosis can be dealt successfully. Most of the experts believe that night sweats are due to the reduction of hormones as well as a rise in FSH and LH hormones.

As hot flashes and night sweats are similar, the treatment for night sweats also applies to hot flashes. In general, what happens is you will experience devastating hot flashes, which then leads to the nocturnal hyperhidrosis effect.

To stop the occurrence of night sweats naturally, you need to follow a few things to reduce its frequency and intensity.

Night Sweats

First, it is essential to avoid hot and spicy foods that can lead to nocturnal hyperhidrosis and hot flashes. Also, stay away from the in take of acidic foods, hot drinks, caffeine, alcohol, white sugar, and saturated fats (read meat and dairy products).

Always try to reduce stress by identifying and improving the cause, cut out anger (if any), stay out of warm weather condition, evade hot tubs, and reduce tobacco products as well as intense exercises.

Controlling all of these things can help maintain your body cool. Remember, the severity of menopause night sweats can be very slight or significant and it may occur several times during the night. However, hot flashes usually last anywhere from one to five minutes.

Besides these, a change in lifestyle and certain supplements have also been proved very beneficial to stop the occurrence of night sweats.

First, you should change your diet with healthy foods. Plan your diet with foods that are rich in vitamin B, C and E. Also increase your calcium content in your diet.

Also, make it a practice of exercising regularly for about thirty minutes. Include weight-bearing exercises such as walking, bicycling, weightlifting and floor exercises such as leg lifts and sit-ups in your exercises.

With these changes, there is a great possibility of reducing the occurrence of night sweats.

Next, increase the oxygen utilization in the liver with dandelion, Dong Quai, yellow dock, and Ho Shou Wu, which are excellent in raising the oxygen levels.

The key to relieve night sweats is to find plants that are rich in phytoesterols, such as black cohosh. These natural herbs help replace the lost estrogen to reduce the problem related with menopause night sweats and other symptoms.

The other natural supplements include red clover, soy, sarsaparilla, unicorn root, and wild yam root. Although menopause night sweats are common, never make them so devastating that life becomes miserable.